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P.S we know when you don't wash your lashes

Why Hello there ;)

So i thought i would write this blog to educate you all on lash health


If you decide not to follow after care advice you may become victim to Blepharitis or other nasty eye conditions. ... The eyelids can become red, irritated, and itchy and can develop dandruff-like scales along the lash line. It is a common eye condition that can occur in all ages and all gender with or without eyelash extensions. It is caused by an accumulation of the natural bacteria on our lids and face due to not cleansing properly especially when wearing makeup 90% of people do not remove mascara properly which i not only gross it can be very dangerous.

Mascara should never be worn with eyelash extensions because no matter how hard you try and clean it off you will still have residue just think about how hard it is to get off even without extensions



Dirty eyelash extensions can be a real problem, cause permanent damage to your eyelashes turning into something more sinister if not treated correctly so please don't not cleanse and then say my lash tech ruined my eyelashes , BECAUSE reality check you actually did this yourself. You can lead a horse to water but not force it to drink is my motto... READ AND FOLLOW YOUR AFTERCARE PLEASE!!!

Did you know that even a clean eyelashes have mites?

FUN FACT: Wearing mascara can cause many more problems than eyelash extensions

If we give the mites food (THE GLUE) to feed off then they really start to multiply and have a party on our lashes, mating and pooping. OMG RIGHT!!! So to stop the next day itch. Your lash technician MUST clean your lashes with an antibacterial eye cleaner before application, then 24 hours after application cleaning of  your lash extensions must happen daily to keep that from happening. Clean lash help the retention of your lashes keeping oils, sebum and old makeup build-up to a minimum.

So when we don't have extensions our bodies do most of the work self-cleaning our eyelashes, with the exception of removing our make up for us, the cleaning however does not happen with extensions this is why we need to give them a helping hand by using an antibacterial lash cleanser you should be able to buy from your technician during your appointment if one if not already supplied. If you neglect your eyelashes they will not last as long as they could with the glue breaking down from all the gunk

Fun Fact: The eyelids are the oiliest spot place on your face hence why if we don't set our eyelids before applying eyeshadow an hour later it looks oily and starts to transfer to places it shouldn't be


Thanks for reading I hope your not too disgusted this can definitely be avoided.

Lash Studio 21

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