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Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith

Hollla šŸ™‹

My Name is Tanika, A Perth Lash Artist dedicated to spreading knowledge about the inns and outs of lash extensions and letting you know whats myths and fact about all the stories and info you hear and read. No bull here!!

I won't bore you solely with lash information I'll also fill you in on some amazing small business I myself support and visit regularly. (I 100% support other artists and businesses trying to make their dreams a reality, Just like me)

Well here is my story,,

Iā€™m not going to get into the nitty gritty, But in 20I6 had recently left a 10 year relationship which reaped havoc on my life, health, friendships the lot, I had been through alot an as a result had PTSD and Anxiety to add to that situation but that I had dealth with for years before leaving. I decided my life needed a new direction and to be proud of myself again. After working in an office for 8 years I could not bring myself to go back I had to have a creative outlet even if that meant being poor. So enough was enough time to take action!!! (Insert I'm a survivor music) šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

I had always been interested in beauty but being 26 thought god am I to old to learn and start a successful business.

Originally I thought eyebrows would be what I loved and so I did some training mainly inspired Melanie Marris's tutorials and amazing products which I use in salon.


After doing a few courses I came across Enchanted Spa Eyelash Extension course and met Kelly Storer.! Well this is where my life finally took a turn, I completed my Classic course and then at the end of day 2 signed up for the Russian Volume Class that weekend, the courses gave me all the knowledge and skills I needed to get started not only that though it also gave me access to ongoing support and a network of other Perth Artists.

I bought a beauty bed and off I went completing my case studies to receive my qualification, immediately I fell in love and committed. It is not for everyone though I know plenty of girls have not pursued this as a career after learning about how hard it is and all the factors that can make things go wrong for you and your client plus needing Insurance, council approval all this stuff to consider, I was like WTFFF it's a huge investment...Qualified in December 2016 what a proud day for me!!!

Since then I have found my feet

One day after hating Volume and after hours and hours of practice on my poor family and friends I finally fell in love, I have now completed a few courses solely for Volume knowledge and have had some amazing mentoring along the way from some amazing women in the industry!!!

It took a lot of time and money to initially start my business as it does with any startup, but I have been rewarded in so many ways since then. My lash room is exactly how I like it, so it is such a nice place for me to go to work everyday, I get so many compliments on how cosy my room is and how far I have come which makes me happy. As I write this blog things are changing and growing.

Thankyou Dolls Tanika -Lash Studio 21

Next blog coming soon

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