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Choosing your lashes

Do you know what to ask for when you visit an eyelash salon for the first time?

Did you know in the case of Russian Volume it is actually best to mimock your natural lash length to get the most out of your set, they should create an eyeliner effect and can really hide imperfections is the correct style is chosen. So let's go through a few things ...

There are two types of clients when it come's to extensions. Someone who thinks they know what they want from a photo that have seen or a lady who has no idea and is happy to roll with whatever you think is best! In reality what I see as a technician who does lashes everyday and what you see on yourself are totally different so lets educate.

Hardly any two people will have the same eye shape or lash condition.

Eye shape & Face Shape play a huge part in what eyelash design would actually suite you. Your lash health is what determines what set is appropriate for you. During your first appointment we will evaluate this and talk about which is the best and safest option, I am all about educating you so you can make an informed decision, I still want to deliver a set we are both happy with.

So there are a few basics we can go through now to help

The curl- This is the most important part (I use C,CC,D,L depending on which would suite your lashes better) the curl determines how noticeable they would be to look at and also if you are getting lashes to hide hooded eyes or an imperfection then the curl really matters and yes you can totally use the wrong curl.

The diameter (I use 0.015 0.12 0.10 .0.07 0.05 0.04) which would mean nothing to you and you should let your technician decide which is best.

Look and do some research before your appointment if you are after a specific look and then we can determine what needs to be done to achieve the look. The most common look I get asked for is cat eye which in reality do not suit most people so educating yourself so you can leave your appointment happy is really important to me.

Then there is your actual eye shape, ALOT of girls want a cat eye look, (this is when your lashes are longer on the end and then graduate to smaller sizes on the inner corners, but reality not many people suit true cat eye, we can usually work towards a modified cat eye which is one of my most popular sets modified means custom to your eye and face shape also we use very short lashed on the ends to make a more open eye effect long lashes would cause a droopy look.

So you can now see how much goes into a lash techs work and this is before we even pick up a lash.

Hooded Eye’s- Suit Open eye or Modified Cat Eye

Upturned- Suit Modified Cat Eye and C or D curl

And so on this is all important to know, so even if not with me when you arrive to your appointment this should all be discussed with you or you should atleast have some idea what you will be walking out with and why. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this

I have Completed Maven Artistry face mapping course 2017, this is what really put me up in the next level of my business.

Thanks for reading ❤️❤️❤️

P.S I would love some feedback,

Modified Cat Eye

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