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If this is your first time visiting Lash Studio 21 please read 


When booking your eyelash extensions

A non refundable booking fee of 40% is required for all sets 

If you cancel within 24 hours provided I can fill the spot you will receive the deposit back this is the same with last minute appointment changes please remember that I am a small business and do not get paid if your a no show.

All afterpay appointments must be paid up front and no refunds are available this is a serv

NO SHOWS-Go onto a list and if you would like to rebook I will require full price as a deposit.


Policy: No refunds if you are not satisfied a free touch up or removal will be offered only if you contact us within the 24 hours of application


48 Hours cancellation otherwise loose $50 deposit


Are reactions common?

No these days reactions are very rare, but here are some pointers for people unsure if they are a good candidate.

-Are you allergic to shellfish / strip lashes

- Do you have any skin sensitivity if so what?

- Can you lay with your eyes closed for 2 hours or longer?

- Does collagen irritate your skin

-We do not lash pregnant ladies / chemo patients or people of roaccutaine 

How long will they last?

Every person is different we all have an individual eyelash cycle 4-9 weeks which means we will all lose lashes at a different rate, between 2-3 weeks most people will come back for a touch up to remove outgrown lashes and replace ones that have fallen out if you have followed our recommendations and cleansed your lashes regularly then you could get 2-5 weeks out of a set if you continually have retention problems I would recommend a silk pillow case or having a look at the face products you use daily.

Will they damage my natural lashes?

Plain and simple no mine wont I take alot of pride in my work and the safety of your lashes is my number 1 priority, I use the highest quality products and train regularly to keep up to date with any industry changes.

How do i chose my lash technician?

This is a good question the market is flooded with lash technicians who are more quantity over quality, to ensure you chose the right artist for you here are some tips.

- Good Impression from first contact

- Willing to answer any questions

-Helps you chose which set of lashes would suit you best

-Clean salon

-Certificates of qualification should be on display

-Offers cleanser for sale

-Keeps records

-Fullset should take no less than 1.5 hours

-No stinging after application

-Aftercare Information


Can I wear makeup?

Yes of coarse but you must go easy on the eye area an use only oil free products you will need to give them a really good clean when removing makeup you can actually use your prolong lash cleanser all over your face which is a bonus we also have reusable makeup cloths which are extension safe in salon.


Why have I had lashes fall out within the first few days?

This is common with your first set of lashes you may not know how to take care of them properly but you will get used to it, also heavy sleeping can cause this along with many other factors wearing mascara to your appointment even after cleansing can create a weak bond/ opening an oven/ heavily wetting within the 1st day


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.   

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