Semi Permanent Ombre Brow Tattoo

YAYY!! We are now offering permanent makeup after a year and a half of practice and many moments of doubt.

We have been trained in

Miccroblading & Microshading


Eyebrow Bar Sydney  

Eyebrow Ink in 

The process:

Consultation this is where we fill out all forms to make sure everything is ok to go ahead for your tattoo appointment. We will draw up and shade your shape once it's perfect we will take pictures as a reference for the day of tattoo. Your colour will be chosen and once the final design is signed off. Anesthetic Cream will be up to you to purchase and bring to your appointment we will provide you with the recipe and where to get it.


On the day of tattoo: Please come with no brow makeup (bring makeup if you would like to touch up for pictures. Make sure you eat breakfast and are hydrated. Bring your anesthetic cream to your appointment and apply type 1 30 minutes before your appointment to speed things  up

You will need to come back for a 4-6 week touchup to perfect the colour and check the shape other than that it is maintenance free for 12 months you will have beautiful effortless waterproof brows to kill 



Semi permanent Ombre Brows

$250 Limited Time Only

$550 Normal Price


4 week $150

6 week $200

1 year Ombre $350

1 Year Microblading $250

Style Change $300


$200 Limited Time Only

$450 Normal Price

Colour Correction